Barakat Contractors are a leading New Zealand provider of Security Fence Systems.  They have installed Security Fencing systems all over the North and South Islands. 



  • Barakat install a range of fencing systems including:

  • Chain-link Mesh Fence with 3 Barbed Wires, 1-4m high
  • Safety Fencing (Schools, parks etc.)
  • Steel Bar Fences
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pool Fencing



Stop Intruders at the perimeter with an alarm monitored PowerFence.  This system works extremely well, with the best proof of its effectiveness being the hundreds of successful sites Barakats have installed.  They are Gallaghers leading Installer of PowerFnece with a small sample of sites including:

  • Vehicle Site Protection
  • Commercial, Industrial & Retail Sites
  • Electrical Sub-Stations
  • Self Storage
  • Wall top & Rooftop Systems
  • Correction Facilities

A PowerFence gives a Safe Deterrent Shock to a would-be intruder.  And should they compromise the fence to get onto site, the PowerFence is alarm monitored to enable immediate guard response to the zone attack.